What You Missed While You Were Away (The Good News)

Hey I know it’s a rough re-entry to Beijing for those of you who are just returning from two weeks in Bali for Christmas.

But hey, life in the Big City don’t stop for you slackers – we’ve been busy here in Beijing, what with terrorist threats, AQI in the Red Alert territory, and half the city’s nightlife venues being shut down due to PLA directives, rent increases or some other reason – but it ain’t been all bad news while you were away.

It’s AQI 50 out there this afternoon – that’s good air by anyone’s standards – so it’s high time we wash away December’s soot and remind you of 10 bits of GOOD news from our blog that you may have missed while basking on the white sands of your exclusive tropical beach resort.

Because in Beijing, when the air is good, everything is good and we should all celebrate!

1. Check out this cool new Andingmen bar Ron Mexico.

2. Indulge your inner Pom at the new Marks & Spencer store.

3. The Winter solstice may have passed, but dumplings are good eatin’ any time of year. Here’s where to scarf some.

4 Star Wars may hold the global spotlight but The Place is the place for Trekkies. Time’s running out to check out this massive Star Trek exhibit.

5. Speaking of Star Wars, here’s where to geek out before the January 9 China opening (advanced tickets on sale now).

6. Hungry to explore? The forecast is for good air tomorrow so call your boss and tell him you need a bronchial health day to clear the lungs and go explore Beijing.

7. That twist of lemon in your Martini contains valuable antioxidants – so get out there and have one at one of our favorite cocktail bars of 2015.

8. Yes, the now wealthy expat founder of the Blue Frog empire was once a lowly Mandarin student in China, just like you. Here’s his story.

9. Here’s the tastiest things we rammed down our craws in 2015, make it your duty to do the same, stat.

10. Hey, we can’t eat at TRB every meal, so check out our list of 2015’s Best New Casual Dining spots around town.

Image: Wikipedia/the Beijinger

This post originally appeared on thebeijinger.com

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